Plinko game concept

Plinko, a traditional game of chance that has been around for more than three decades, provides an experience that is both entertaining and interesting. If you are looking for a game that will provide you with a fun and engaging experience, Plinko is a fantastic option. It is simple to learn how to play Plinko, and there are many intriguing varieties available to pick from, so you may tailor your experience to complement your current state of mind.

The origins of the game Plinko may be traced back to the 1980s, beginning with a rich history. Plinko was first introduced to the public in 1983 on an American television program called The Price Is Right. The game was created of by producer Frank Wayne. During the course of the game, the objective was to throw one or more metal discs down a pegboard, causing them to bounce off of the pegs and land in the scoring slots located at the bottom of the board. Players participated in Plinko with the objective of amassing points by successfully landing their discs in slots that had more points. A large board with pegs placed in a triangle pattern served as the playing surface for the game. Discs were dropped from the top of the board, and as they descended, they bounced off of the pegs. Eventually, after bouncing off of many pegs, the discs eventually settled in one of the scoring spaces.

In today’s society, not only is there a real version of Plinko, but there is also a virtual version that is widely available. This allows players to place bets while they are playing the game. The original Plinko game served as the inspiration for this adaptation. The idea behind the game is fairly straightforward: players place a chip on the board and watch as it leaps over pins, maneuvering around obstacles along the way. At some point, the chip can be found in the cells that are located at the bottom of the board. Each of these cells is associated with a monetary prize. This is without a doubt the most exciting and fortunate combination that could ever exist!

A company based in Argentina called BGaming was motivated by the concept of the program in 2019, and they made the decision to launch a game that was practically identical to the show. However, they decided to adapt it into a successful slot machine that enables thousands of players to easily earn money with just one click.

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How to play Plinko

The most popular gambling game on a number of different websites is Plinko. To begin playing, you will need to locate a reputable casino, sign up for an account, navigate to the slots section, and then select Plinko. After that, you will need to run the ball and see how it goes down, maybe tripping on the pins that are arranged in the shape of a pyramid and entering the cells, which, in the context of the online casino, are the multipliers that determine the amount of money you win.

Slot machine suppliers such as Stake Originals, BGaming, and Spribe are among those that give the opportunity to participate in the Plinko gambling game. Noting that these three companies offer the game Plinko online is an important point to bring to your attention. There is a possibility that the design, gameplay mechanics, and unique characteristics of each of these variants will vary from one another.

Plinko by BGaming


  • displays the previous 16 rounds on the screen;
  • comprehensive statistics: profit, bet size, time;
  • available on multiple casino platforms.


  • up to 1000 consecutive spins.

Stake Originals Plinko


  • endless spins;
  • the best casino to play with cryptocurrencies;
  • lots of game settings.


  • unable to play the demo without registration.

Plinko by Spribe


  • the minimum bet is 0.1 euros;
  • ideal for beginners;
  • detailed game statistics.


  • the maximum multiplier is x555.

Stake Originals Plinko

Online casinos such as Stake and Wild Casino offer Plinko for players to download and play. These operators are trustworthy, they offer a secure gaming experience, and they steer clear of scenarios such as money scams, frauds, and cyber assaults.

Casino Welcome bonuses Payment methods Minimum money deposit in Plinko Games
Wild Casino Up to 5,000 euro Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, TRON, Ripple, EOS, Cash 20 euro Slots, blackjack, video poker, Plinko and more
Stake None 29 payment methods: Visa, Mastercard, Bitcoin, American Express, etc. No minimum deposit Slots, roulette, blackjack, poker, baccarat, Plinko, and more

Plinko game features

Before you begin playing Plinko, you will need to decide how much danger you are willing to take. Low, medium, and high are the three settings that are offered to players in the game, regardless of whether it was developed by Spribe or another supplier. When the level of risk is low, you will have a larger probability of earning money, but the amount of money you win will be very little. On the other side, if you choose a high risk level, your odds of winning will be lower, but if you do win, it will be a remarkable accomplishment. Plinko is a game that is adjustable and flexible, which means that players can alter it according to their preferences, betting budget, and in accordance with the laws of the casino. This is an important point to keep in mind.

Additionally, you should be aware that when you play Plinko from Stake, Spribe, or any other provider, you have the ability to select the number of rows of pins, which can range anywhere from eight to sixteen, as well as the number of balls and the level of volatility of the game. Keep in mind that the number of pins you choose to use and the level of risk you take can have an impact on the amount of money you could potentially win. The ultimate result of the game, on the other hand, will be determined completely by coincidence and chance. In light of this, it is strongly suggested that prior to playing, the player familiarize themselves with the characteristics of the primary Plinko providers, such as Skate, Spribe, or BGaming, in order to select the casino that most closely aligns with their individual interests and preferences.

How to win at Plinko

As a result of the fact that the game of Plinko is based on chance, there is no method for winning. Nevertheless, there are specific activities that you can perform while you are playing in order to achieve a higher probability of winning. The following are some tactics that can assist you in increasing the amount of money you make while playing Plinko.

  • First and foremost, it is recommended that a budget be established prior to the beginning of the game, and that this budget not be exceeded.
  • However, despite the fact that it is hazardous, many players recommend selecting the maximum number of rows and balls. This is because it increases the likelihood that at least one ball will reach the maximum multiplier, which can completely transform your life in a matter of seconds.
  • A crucial aspect of the Martingale betting technique is the requirement to double your wagers following each loss. This gives you the opportunity to gain back what you have lost and achieve extra victories.
  • It is recommended that you begin with a minimal risk and progressively increase the number of lines, as well as the number of balls, through gradual progression.

Never forget that Plinko is a game of chance, and that no one has control over the path that the balls take. This is true regardless of the strategy that you employ in the game.


Where can I play Plinko for free?

You can play Plinko for free in online casinos by selecting the demo game option: Lucky Block,, Bitcasino, etc.

Is There a Working Plinko Strategy?

No, Plinko is purely a game of chance, but some players prefer to use different tricks, such as adjusting the betting to have more opportunities to win.

Can I play Plinko for real money?

Yes, Plinko is specifically designed to play at online casinos with the ability to bet for real money and make your wins.

What is the volatility of Plinko?

It is considered a low volatility game, which means that winnings are more frequent, but not high.

What is the RTP of Plinko?

RTP Plinko depends not only on the casinos, but also on the provider. In general, it ranges from 94% to 99%. It is one of the best gambling games. Thus, the chances of picking up wins are real!

How to Select the Best Plinko Gambling Sites?

Consider factors such as a casino’s reputation, and read our reviews and other players’ opinions to learn about safe gambling sites for betting.

How can I bet on Plinko?

To place a bet in Plinko, you must first register on the website of any casino, make a deposit and place a bet amount in Plinko. After that, feel free to press the Play button and do your betting for an excellent gaming experience and wins!